It all starts with insight

Insight into talent is the determining factor for companies to make the difference. What talent do I have and what talent do I need to be and remain successful in the future. We provide insight into people, their motivation, their behavior and their (work) attitude and translate this into the optimal use of everyone’s talent in line with the organizational objectives.

Next Step Talent supports organizations to gain insight into the present talent and the talent that is needed in the future. As a network organization, we are a strong and distinctive assessment company. With our unique Human Design program combined with our Four Questions Method, we ensure that every organization or organizational unit is able to manage talent for now and in the future and that the talent is connected to the chosen strategy. Take a look around our site and be inspired how we can support you to gain insight into Talent.


Our services

With Human Design, you as an organization are able to manage your talents through an integrated approach. Next Step Talent supports organizations to identify needs, identify the difference and recruit new talent. In short, Executive Search, FQM Assessments and Succession Consulting.

We do this by means of the following:

Human Design Canvas

Our unique Human Design Canvas helps the organization to make connections between strategy and talent. Based on the chosen or refined strategy, we help organizations or organizational units to determine which competencies incl behaviors are needed to give substance to the strategy. Based on competencies, we make the step to the Who question together. Define key roles, analyze current talents and make connections. In addition to the individual talents, we map the team dynamics. The entire interplay of the individual, team and strategy now has a strong anchoring, so that long-term results are really guaranteed and a new energy is created in companies. Not a woolly story, but a solid basis for results.

We help you as a leader of an organization or unit to work with the above model. It provides structure, a clear step-by-step plan and certainly a good foundation for managing the challenges that you face. Interested? Contact us for a canvas session.

Succession Planning Program (SPP)

As an organization, you have ambition, which you try to document via various plans and policies. With the Succession Planning Program offered by Next Step Talent, you bring your employees into these plans. Are they actually capable enough to execute your ambitions? Which talents do they possess? How will you manage the process, and what does this mean you will have to learn? Who are the successors, who must you bind to your organization, who must you supply with supplementary schooling and which new talents must you recruit?

The Succession Planning Program by Next Step Talent is suitable for any organization; from small-to-medium-sized companies to corporations. With the program, you are guaranteed of a tool through which you can straightforwardly determine the successors that are important for you and your company’s ambition.

Who do we work for?

The following companies are involved in Human Design Thinking with Next Step Talent.