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Management Drives

Management Drives

Every person has a number of different motives. Drives determine WHY you do or don’t do something, guide your behavior, and stem from the way you view the world. Good leadership unleashes the potential of people and their environment.

Six colors. One matrix. This is all you need to visualize the motivations of a person, team or organization. Each color refers to a specific style, behavior, culture, etc. Why colors? Because they are more neutral and universal than words. It’s not about putting people into categories or pigeonholes. It’s about enabling people to be fully themselves, to feel understood and to understand others. Imagine the possibilities if everyone understood themselves and the people around them, and what you could achieve together!

Powerful Team Development

Is the team a real team? Sometimes we call it a team, but it turns out to be more like a group of people with individual focuses and areas of interest. We build the bridge between the organizational task and the strength of the team. More trust, daring to call each other to account and pushing each other to a higher level! We can achieve this by providing insight into the motivations of each team member and insight into team diversity. What should the team do more or less of to achieve the goals and have a little fun on the road to success?

NST and MD, a powerful combo!

We can draw on deep experience in leadership, cultural aspects and development for both team and individual. MD is a very effective method with which we can offer quick insights and ensure a broadly supported language. The combination of these two aspects enables us to go that extra mile and offer more depth. We use MD in a wide range of solutions.

MD Outsourcing

Does your organization already have an MD portal, or would you like to, but do not have the capacity to certify enough people? We can take over this task quickly, efficiently and consistently!

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