Product Owner – Medical Hardware and Software

Product Owner medical hardware and software.

What you deliver helps healthcare providers provide better care. It doesn’t get any better, does it? With a cozy and well-connected team, you come up with new ideas for our partners. As productowner at Fysicon in Oss, you will be happy with the diversity of work, which will give you the feeling of contributing to better healthcare every day.

From the heart

Your day starts with a stand-up. Then you get all your stuff and look: what does the development team need to do? What features need to be worked on? You start talking to customers and partners. You discuss what you want to make and validate if it fits what the practice needs. Then you work out the plan so that the development team knows the ins and outs. What needs to be created? What should be done first and what later? You’re in charge.

You have another plan lying around and go over it with the development team. You discuss when it should be ready and how it should be tested. The phone rings and a customer has a question about a previously conceived idea. You quickly switch gears and help the caller along. You also immediately validate another idea to see if it can help the customer in practice. You then discuss in meetings what is in the sprint and pass on what has priority. After all, your job is to ensure that relevant releases are imposed on time. Of course, a deadline can always be looked at if there is a delay and you monitor this as well.

Meanwhile, you also think about how the new online product line can be set up. Because this is a project on which you and your team will be working in the near future.

And there is more…

Because as a productowner at Fysicon, you are also the one who:

  • Follows the scrum process.
  • You ensure that the development team can move forward and set priorities.
  • Develop ideas and validate them with customers.
  • arranges matters for other departments. For example, you make agreements with hosting parties that you coordinate with colleagues. How does it work? How do we set up the infrastructure? You also discuss this with the quality department so that it falls within the guidelines for medical equipment.They do put you to work right away. Of course, you get time to discover what the products are about and how they are deployed. You will need six months to a year for this. We think it’s important that you learn this on the job. We let you, of course with a familiarisation program at hand, figure things out and investigate. This is the fastest way to learn!

We create medical solutions

Fysicon is very active internationally. Customers worldwide work with their products and use their services. Specialised in research and development of both innovative hardware and advanced medical applications for hospitals and medical partners. They see what their customers need and respond quickly and professionally with their own hardware and software that they develop and produce.

The heart of the company

Colleagues all over the world. They enjoy working with them. Just like they do at their office in Oss. Production, IT or sales, they are all in one building. They know each other and learn something from each other every time. Whether it’s during a meeting, a training session, Friday afternoon drinks on their roof terrace or a trip to Amsterdam, it doesn’t matter. It is precisely this balance that makes working at Fysicon so unique. And you have the privilege of having had contact with everyone in the company in a week or two. In addition, of course, you have your own team where everything can be discussed. Want to discuss something with the director? The door is always open. And joining the obstacle run with your team is really a free choice. Don’t have to, you can. Gladly even.

All the benefits

  • Competitive salary, depending on your age, knowledge and skills.
  • Full-time job.
  • 26 vacation days based on 40 hours per week.
  • Working hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. After the onboarding process, hybrid working is a possibility.
  • Fun and sociable team outings from BBQs to ski trips.
  • Friday afternoon drinks with ample choice from the snack bar menu.
  • Travel allowance of € 0.19 per km. From January 1, 2023 € 0,21 per km.
  • Did we make a profit? You also get a share of this. How much depends on the amount.
  • Annual contract, after that we will take you on as a permanent employee.
  • We pay 50% of your pension premium. You pay the other half yourself.
  • WIA insurance (100% paid by employer)
  • Growth opportunities within our company to team leader or another department such as developer.
  • Quarterly training on the latest technologies.

You are our solution!

Waiting for people to tell you something? Not on your watch. You are someone who shows 100% initiative. “I heard this and this, is that right?”, you ask the customer again when you get the chance. “Hey developer, I thought of this, is that possible?”, hoppa again something done with your creativity. And you manage your time perfectly. You pay close attention to what you are going to do and how much time it fits into. You don’t know when to stop and you do everything you can to create something great. This is also due to your:

  • HBO work and thinking level.
  • At least 3 years of experience with the scrum methodology and preferably experience as a product owner.
  • Familiarity preferably with software development for an online environment, i.e. the Cloud.
  • Ability to communicate in English as easily as in Dutch.

In a heart beat

Yes, you’re sure, you don’t have to think about it anymore. You want to do work with meaning and this job suits you perfectly!
Then apply immediately with a resume and your cover letter.

The recruitment procedure is supervised by Next Step Talent and if you have any questions, just mail Loek Vandebroek at or call him at 06-53487564.


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